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What Will Another Decade of Climate Crisis Bring? (newyorker.com)
18 points by melling 8 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

Maybe crop yields will increase even more than they already have over the past couple decades (over 100%)? Maybe deaths from natural disasters will continue their decline from over 1 million people a year in the 1930s to less than 11,000 people last year? Maybe the third world will continue to modernize and bring more and more of humanity out of poverty? Maybe sea levels will continue to rise at a marginal 2-3mm a year?

Or maybe none of that will happen.

Last decade we woke up to climate change. This one we will wake up to positive reinforcement. The warming is not even in all the world, is getting concentrated near the poles, where you have a lot of frozen buried/sunk methane ready to be released into the atmosphere.

If you think that things were going fast, wait till it press the accelerator.

The basic assumption of conservative environmental policy is that the natural world is such that it is impossible for unregulated modern industry to change it in ways that in turn would be bad for the human race.

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