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Wonder what the Butterfly effect of this will be. We all know the chaos theory butterfly effect of if a butterfly flaps its wings, well. Certainly less chaos at play with a large fire on this scale and its global impact.

Which makes you wish Gerry Anderson's vision of International Rescue was real. Alas we still have a legacy response World with a focus upon combat armies over medical/disaster response armies.

Climate change affects us all and I can't recall a year without some disaster of fire/flooding/eruptions or other weather/climate related effect of extreme that indirectly affects us all. The climate does not know about country borders, and any solution equally needs to be a borderless appraoch by all.

I know we have the UN, but its remit is so broad in many respects and the political beuracracy that entails, slows and distracts from issues like this that any response is never timely or as you would expect.

Imagine if globally we didn't have country pride and ego's in the way when it came to dealing with such disasters. After all, whilst this is a fire in Australia, the effects will in various forms, be felt by all across the globe. Alas not as directly accountable as people like and hard to measure, but it will have an impact.

After all, if a butterfly wing flap can cause a storm across the other side of the globe - then I'd say a fire the size of a small country is going to have a much larger impact and with less chaotic uncertainty about it.

Sad thing is, if the climate was a weapon owned by one country, you can bet the rest of the World would of got its act together. After all, we have NATO for dealing with a far lower threat, indeed, if firefighting had a military sized budget - there would be no fires.

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