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Austin Software | Ruby Systems Developer | Full-time | Location: Medellín, OR remote Colombia

Austin Software is a team of skilled developers from around the world that helps startups build outstanding products. We’re growing quickly — we have teams in four countries and our clients range from small high growth startups to large billion-dollar companies.

We’re not a software factory that accepts just any project for money. We’ve succeeded because we form honest partnerships with our partners; we value careful planning, quality, and the courage to manage our partner's expectations. We’re not afraid of rejecting clients that don’t embody our principals, because we know our values payoff with the best client outcomes.

We're looking for developers to help us architect and implement web applications backed by large scale data processing systems. If you have a strategy for building data pipelines capable of recovering from data errors and exceptions, and you know how to scale and manage the failure modes of large queueing systems, apply to join us!

To apply send your to resume to f+engineering@austinsoftware.co

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