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Happy New Year HN!
277 points by john200ok 19 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 67 comments
Happy new year! Wishing everyone a great year 2020! :)

Happy new decade! Copied this from my Mastodon post:

Big picture, in the next decade, I would like to see:

1. Federated free software services become the dominant platform for social media and messaging.

2. A more privacy-oriented and cryptographically-literate public, and simple, standard free software tools anyone can leverage for this purpose.

3. Open hardware, especially RISC-V, becoming the dominant approach for new hardware development.

4. Recapturing the mobile market from proprietary walled gardens, instead favoring models which put the user in control of their devices (e.g. pmOS).

5. Average (read: non-SV CEO) technologists becoming more politically engaged, including running for and winning offices, and using political will to reinforce the above and start making a difference outside of tech

Re 1: what can we do to make this happen? Both as developers and as users of social media?

Re 2: I used to co-organize "privacy café" workshops. I was surprised by how many people showed up and how grateful they were to learn about really basic tools -- like ad blockers or just browser cookie delete functionality. Everyone knows how to brush their teeth, and everyone had to learn how at one point. Digital hygiene is no different.


As a user: boldly use new social networks that fit this mold and allow your social circle to grow to embrace them. Participate with the network on its own merits and the new friends you can make, not the based on whether or not your old friends are there. The only way to solve the network problem is to ignore it.

As a dev: don't build new walled gardens. Consider how to connect with the existing ecosystem - and crucially, how it can connect back to you - when designing your next project. Prefer collaboration over competition. Prefer small, interlinked communities over large silos. Distribute costs across the network, by letting volunteers shoulder hosting costs through grassroots "local" fundraising efforts.

2: Nice! It would be cool to organize a simple cirriculum for privacy literacy and start reaching out to local libraries, schools, etc, about giving talks or classes.

I like the idea of privacy workshops. Do you have any resources for someone who is interested in organizing something similar?

That is a very good list, but I fear that we won't achieve any of those. Maybe we can make some incremental moves towards achieving those goals.

A small issue with number 5. How is an average technologist going to do any better with things like tax policy, immigration policy, energy or foreign policy than an account, lawyer or civil engineer? I wonder if we would all be better of trying to use technology to get good candidates in office that are not beholden to large agenda driven donors.

I think it's ok to be politically active in certain topics without having an answer to all open questions in society.

Absolutely true. However we also need people who do have solutions/ideas to these problems running for office even if they don’t know how to flip bits. It would be nice to see technology enabling skilled candidates rather than troll farms.

>3. Open hardware, especially RISC-V, becoming the dominant approach for new hardware development.

Why is everyone so hyped up on RSIC-V and not something like POWER? When both are now fully open sourced.

AFAIK, the POWER architecture consumes a lot of energy so it's not suited for mobile and/or embedded gadgets so it's not as appealing to the masses.


Although I guess it is less relevant now Western Digital has open sourced their RISC-V design as well.




But it is both a noun and a verb.

Do you pick arbitrary dual-use words and wish for half of their uses to be stricken from the lexicon? Or is this one in particular something you dislike?

Dictionaries are descriptions of language not prescriptions. Thou doth protest too much, methinks.

> Happy new decade!

HN wouldn't be HN if I'd let this stand uncommented, so... The decade actually runs from 2011-2020. But yes, the 20s have finally started.

Anyways, Happy New Year! ;)

Pretty sick of hearing this one, it doesn't make any sense. According to who? How about the billions of people celebrating the new decade? It just seems like the rallying cry of buzzkills.

Edit: dear god, it was rhetorical, please stop explaining it. Construct a system in which everyone is correct by making the 0th or 1st year undefined until additional context is established, then use it to stop being a pedant. https://xkcd.com/2249

The year zero does not exist in the Anno Domini (AD) system commonly used to number years in the Gregorian calendar [1], so the first decade was years 1AD-10AD (ten years). This means current decade started on January 1st 2001. and ends with December 31st 2020.

From Wikipedia Decade[2] article:

There are two main methods of counting decades in recognition. One, called ordinal, counts decades starting with the first year 1 CE (For example, the years 1981–1990 is referred to as the 199th decade or the 9th decade of the 20th century), while the other, called cardinal, groups years based on having the same digits (For example, the years 1980–1989 is referred to as the 1980s, or commonly known as the eighties).

1: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Year_zero

2: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decade

According to what years mean. Years are not 0 indexed.

A "decade" of apples would be apple #1 to apple #10 The second "decade" would then be apple #11 to apple #20

Ergo, 2020 is the ending year of the second decade of the third millennium, which started on 2001 :)

It's essentially the difference between celebrating a new chunk of time defined by our collective radix, and celebrating a year because of the way it looks.

We are now in "the 2020s" but not the second decade until next year. Therefore, it is inaccurate to say we are in a new decade.

They are zero indexed. The first zero is just missing. It's only relevant if you need to work in terms of the nth century, or cross the boundary between CE and BCE.

Calling this the start of a new decade, and 2001 the start of this century, still makes perfect sense with the logical and consistent model that ISO has come up with.


I like ordinals and appreciate the distinction between ordinal and cardinal, and am happy with this edge case.

It gets confusing with centuries and terms like the 2000s (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2000s) but decades tend to always be called 10s, 20s, etc. If you can get people to call this the 202nd decade, more power to you. However, defining the 2020s or 20s as 2021-2030 is wrong.

> it doesn't make any sense. According to who?

The year numbering in the current western calendar starts from one (AD 1), not zero (it jumps from 1 BC to AD 1). So the first decade would be from AD 1 to AD 10, the second decade from AD 11 to AD 20, and so on (and the same on the other direction, with a decade from 10 BC to 1 BC, another one from 20 BC to 11 BC, etc).

Re: billions of people

being in majority ≠ being right

Language is defined by the majority.

This isn't an issue of language, it's a check on the internal consistency of a number system. No year zero and the decade starts next year are internally consistent. That most people think the decade started doesn't make it true, just like most people believing in God(tm) doesn't make it true.

According to decimal numbers. 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, etc.

You could argue 0-9, 10-19, 11-20 as an equally vaild grouping.

Not if you're counting years, since years are not 0 indexed

The International Standards Organization has determined otherwise. See ISO 8601, section, which defines "decade" to mean "time scale unit ( of 10 calendar years (, beginning with a year whose year number is divisible without remainder by ten".


As the link you provided acknowledges, "decade" and "century" describe a duration, not specific start times. They find it convenient for purposes of the ISO 8601 document to set the start of decades and centuries in a way that corresponds to portions of the way dates are represented. Outside the context of that document these definitions could cause problems. For example, no first century exists by that definition, since there was no year 0.

Of course you are right regarding the first century. But when we get to later centuries, say the 18th century, we are as likely to describe it as "the 1700s", in which case, it seems that it should start at 1700, not 1701. And we certainly do that with decades (notwithstanding the hard-to-name last two decades). It is now the 20s. That's a decade.

There are always going to be weird cases. If it is February 10th, and you say "one month from today," what is meant by that? 28 (or 29) days later, March 10? Or 30.4375 days later, plus or minus a day or two?

And then you have days which are 23 or 25 hours long, because of Daylight Savings Time. (see all the potential for ambiguity with the word "day": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Day)

I personally think it makes the most sense to think of decades, centuries, and millennia starting when the number rolls over. When you find yourself in ambiguous territory (such as talking about the first century, and in a way it matters whether it is 99 or 100 years long), just take the extra effort to clarify. Most likely this will never come up except for a very small subset of people.

This right here is the real answer.

Relevant XKCD: https://xkcd.com/2249/

When did everyone go to sleep last night in local time?

I passed out around 9pm. I normally stay up a little later but ordered delivery and drank more than usual (recently at least, new years resolution now) so yea....

5am local time. My family is Russian, so New Year's is our great big holiday when the whole family gets together and celebrates. If you have no idea why, there's a really interesting thread here (and the article on AO linked from it) that explains it pretty well: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=21877419

9:30am... dinner with friends ended at 2am then I went to meet my cousin in the city center, from there I went away with a friend of hers only to find a dear friend of mine on the way, the three of us then went to a clubkindofthing where I casually met my younger brother and we stood outside talking and freezing until late/early... then the four of us went to take a cup of tea and something to eat for breakfast and parted ways

happy 2020 HN people!

I normally try and sleep by 7pm. But last night I stayed up super late until 10pm and played video games to celebrate. Both vices I normally don’t make time for.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

7pm? What time do you eat dinner?

around 5pm with my family

I'm impressed you get a proper nights sleep with eating that close to bedtime.

I can't even get my kids to bed at 7 p.m., at what time do you get up?

Around 345am. It’s nice to have some quiet work/alone time before everyone else wakes up.

OK, that makes sense. But this seems to be really early to me.

Couldn't sleep because of noise from nearby pub or something, people singing old hindi songs just because they have to. Stuff like "gimme some sunshine gimme some rain, and then Yeh dosti hum nahin todenge". You might not know these songs, but I hope you understand my annoyance.

Stayed up til 2am watching YouTube (stuff from the author of Ultralearning mostly) and then got woken up by my 7:30am weekday alarm which doesn’t care if it’s a holiday, and I forgot to turn off.

1.30am. First New Year's Eve home with my wife. Opened a bottle at 00:00, drank wine, smoked a little and fell asleep soon after starting Total Recall!

So far, best NYE ever :D

Had a quiet evening with my wife watching anime (we're in our 30s). I spent about 30 minutes sending (personalized) texts to people I want to keep in touch with in the future -- wishing them the best wishes for 2020. Went to sleep before 1am. I loved it.

PS - Nichijou (anime) is amazing - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2li04wn7U4k

Stayed up til after 3am because I was running a virtual fireworks show in an Open Simulator world, and they all run on Pacific time.

This might be my last one, because TBH I'm getting tired of Open Sim, it's a dead end.

I really wish simulated worlds would pick up. They’re just such a cool idea. And now we have VR!

Oh, I think there's potential for virtual worlds, just not the SL/OS type. Something more like Sansar or Sinespace could still catch on.

Or better yet, something that can run in a browser.

I had intended not to stay up, but after spending all day hacking I found myself watching a movie until after 1am as my brain cooled down.

3am local time. Had champagne cheers and chocolate and just chatted with my partner about how this past year went.

Around 2am. Good times on dance floor. Well those that didn't succumb to the sketch food first

22h00 to 11h30 was brutal though. Lull post dinner and everyone was just waiting

Very very happy new year. Can not imagine going to bed with out skimming HN each each night, just missed yesterday and was in bed at about 1 am

I think I came back home around 5-6 AM; rough.

Happy New Year 2020!!

Thanks. I also wish you a happy new year 2020 and the congratulations also go to the news ycombinator community.

Happy New Year HN! Here's to fun, profit, and happiness!!

Happy New Year! :)

So... What questions are you asking yourself?

Why do we celebrate surviving for yet another year without celebrating all the steps we took during the year towards prolonging human lifespans? There should be a global medical/scientific conference to recap or something.

Happy new year and decade, everyone!

How we work is going to change

Happy new year / decade!

Happy New Year everyone!!

Happy new year everyone!

Happy New Year to the HN community! Best wishes for the new year and stay awesome!

Happy new year 2020!!

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