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Funny, a few of the startups I generated are actually available domains (and kinda catchy):

  crunchmob.com <-- considering buying this one
Good design, btw.

Every once in a while for fun, I try to find as many good .com domains as I can. There are a lot of good ones out there.

I've considered having a best available .com competition here, but think it might be considered wasteful, doing the work of squatters for them.

There was a recent XKCD[1] on pairs of words that sound good together and quite a few of those domains were available. So I don't know what it'll be yet, but my next project is going to live at lasernarwhal.com.


Lol. My surprises of the day were toogeo and talkik. I think I have a knack for finding these. I should charge. :) Ooh, talkic is even better. It's like talk and topic!

crunchmob.com ... Crowd control?

no its a new cereal

Yes, I believe a crunch mob is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place and eat Kashi GoLean.

inpoke.com is good too

Good Grief - never announce in a public forum, even one as trusted as HN that you are interested in a domain. Nefarious individuals (Domain Squatters) will grab it - then good luck ransoming it away from them.

I've grabbed it via 1&1 - if you're going to do something useful with either of them - let me know so I can transfer it to you gratis - just create something interesting. :-)

We could DOS domain squatters: Generate and post as many cool domain names as possible, until they run out of money for registering them.

I think domain tasting [1] would unfortunately reduce the possibility of this working.

1: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domain_tasting

That reminds me of Network Solutions registering domains that people searched for as "nice service". That was a fun day.

Wow, I had always been nervous about that, but I assumed I was being paranoid: "Network Solutions may reserve domain names that are searched on our Web site for up to 4 days. During this period, these domain names will only be available to register at networksolutions.com" http://about-networksolutions.com/customer-protection-measur...

I grabbed jotperfect.com ... now I've got to start a new writing related site ... or maybe learn + create a webapp? Hmm :)


I just randomly generated these available domains (I'm hoping they will inspire a startup):







...I like the ykombinator premise too.

Hmm, notabot.com hasn't been available since 2004. You might want to reassess your availability check.

I knew somebody would check my work. Notabot.com is the only domain in that list that is available only as a premium domain name ($1,888.00). All the rest are up for grabs.

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