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The best books in the past decade, that's a hard one! It's also hard to pinpoint what I learned where, but I'll just list the most memorable ones. I read a lot of software engineering books to learn language X or technology Y. But that's just o'reilly books and probably not that interesting to list here.

- Jobs by Walter Isaacson. To learn about the Apple and Steve Jobs himself. I thought it was great

- Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance. It's older than a decade (about 4 decades old actually) but I only read it a few years ago when I studied philosophy and it left quite an impression on me, food for thought.

- The Dip. It's motivational, I think back on it every now and then when pushing myself through a rough patch in the gym or professionally.

- Turing's Cathedral, it's a history of computers basically. Recommended if you're into software/computers.

What are the best O'Reilly books you read? I've read some excellent books from them and some meh.

Will have to check out Jobs. I enjoyed his Leonardo DaVinci.

Now I'll have to go check out his DaVinci one :)

I'll have to read both of them in the coming year 2020 :)

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