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On The Shortness of Life by Seneca.[1]

Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl is also excellent.[2]

[1] - https://tripinsurancestore.com/4/on-the-shortness-of-life.pd...

[2] - https://www.amazon.com/Mans-Search-Meaning-Viktor-Frankl/dp/...

It seems Frankl has been somewhat exposed/debunked. I loved his book too as a teenager; it pained me to read sources mentioned on his wikipedia page. Would you believe he was at Auschwitz for only a few days, performed medical experiments on Jews himself, and it appears his main thesis about attitude mattering above all else for survival in the camps is simply false.


Wow. I'm shocked. I had never heard of these controversies, despite spending some time interested in Frankl a while back.

They seem plausible at first read, and should receive more attention. Thank you for highlighting them.

Please be careful... Investigate these claims more fully than Wikipedia, these claims can be exaggerated / out of context

As far as I can tell, these claims are backed up by Frankl's own autobiography and interviews. See quotes:


If true, this is sad and worrying, but be careful with the Wikipedia page: almost every source in that section is the work of one man, which doesn't convey a consensus at all.

I finished the audiobook a month ago. I had read up on the wikipedia page, but had conveniently skipped the controversy section. I assumed there are always naysayers! This time I took the time to read it. It definitely does put a different colour on the whole thing!

Frankl’s work always seemed like cultishness and apologia from what I had elsewhere read on the history of the Holocaust. But I was unprepared to learn that he was a card-carrying fascist who inserted meth into the skulls of people who had killed themselves in rebellion against Nazism...

> In his "Gutachten" Gestapo profile, Frankl is described as "politically perfect" by the Nazi secret police, with Frankl's membership in the Austro-fascist "Fatherland Front" in 1934

> None of Frankl's obituaries mention the unqualified and unskilled brain lobotomy and trepanation medical experiments approved by the Nazis that Frankl performed on Jews who had committed suicide with an overdose of sedatives, in resistance to their impending arrest, imprisonment and enforced labour in the concentration camp system. Operating without any training as a surgeon, Frankl would voluntary request of the Nazis to perform the experiments on those who had resisted and once approved, published some of the details on his experiments, the methods of insertion of his chosen amphetamine drugs into the brains of these individuals, resulting in at times an alleged partial resuscitation, in 1942, prior to his own internment at Theresienstadt ghetto in September later in that year

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