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Register for Google I/O 2011 (googleblog.blogspot.com)
21 points by zeedotme on Feb 7, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 29 comments

I'm not at all impressed with how they handled this. It looks like the (very broken) registration process was handled by a third party. I couldn't get in to the site, and when I did it was sold out. Vic Gundotra's twitter feed claims it sold out in 58 minutes.

You'd think they'd increase the capacity given the interest.

This was handled ridiculously bad. I am a member of press, last year's sandbox presenter, and an early reg invitee.

I emailed googleiopress@ on the first day but didn't get a reply until 5 days later, after emailing them again. They said no to press passes and by then, early reg was already sold out.

I would have gladly registered for full price, but now I was forced to wait for public reg. This morning, after posting about the reg within minutes (on AndroidPolice), I had errors for an hour and ended up without a ticket.

Needless to say, I'm less than thrilled with how Google strung me along.

Finally got the page to load, pressed submit and... "Thanks for your interest in Google I/O, but registration for this event is now sold out."

If that's the case, then this really blows.

I've been waiting since they announced the dates for io2011 last year. I booked the week off work, I purchased tickets to get there, and sat here this morning ready to purchase my $450 ticket. 503 every fucking minute. GOOGLE FIX YOUR SHIT. Sorry, i'm raging right now.

I'm getting the "sold out" message to although their twitter feed doesn't really reflect that; I'm hoping it's just a glitch with their service.

Some people must have partially completed checkout multiple times. Those people are still in the database and taking up slots.

If any of you can find more than one URL in their history where fuseaction is something other than req.Login, those URLs might still work.

And if you have started registration more than once, could you spare me one url please?

Apparently I'm the only one interested in these URLs, but somebody on Twitter just suggested that you can use URLs with a PK id to purchase multiple tickets.

Apparently the URLS with a pki# in them work. Whatever that means. If anyone has one, I'd more than appreciate it :)

Edit: The PK= part of URLs is what counts

Did you find one?

nope :(

holy cow, I was able to re-attach to my fuseaction session and complete the registration! Thanks the awesome tip, highly encourage others who were able to start the process to give it another shot.

Check your history for urls like,


If it is really sold out, then I hope that Google will be cracking down on the scalpers this year. I saw a bunch of tickets on eBay last year from people that had plainly bought them betting that the freebies would be worth more (usually attendance-only, freebies not included)

And I think I figured out how to do it... Google needs to announce that they won't give anything away this year!


Google has confirmed via a tweet that the event is all sold out:


Yes, it's true. Google #io2011 is now sold out.

This is kind of frustrating. Been waiting patiently for registration and now that its open Ive been unable to complete the form successfully due to timeouts/503s etc. And now Im hearing its sold out as well? I hope that maybe a non-web registration channel is opened to take sign ups that the site wasnt able to accomodate.

Kinda B.S. when they anticipated such a quick sellout to have the site crap out like that.

complete bs. i expect a lot more from google.

I finally got through and registered. I got the "sold out" message but kept on refreshing; it finally let me register. I wouldn't give up hope

It would be nice to have Chris Pruet show more about games and android. His former presentations in 2009 and 2010 were really good:



No big surprise. It only took a few hours for the first Google I/O ticket scalper to surface on CraigsList. And what a deal. Only asking for $5K !!!


Was really looking forward to I/O. I hoped to get the chance to jump down when I moved out west.. Hard to believe that they can sell out a venue like this in 59 minutes.

@GoogleIO Twitter confirms, sold out in 59 minutes.

Sold out already?

also, student option seems to be gone already for 'attendee type'

I'm seriously bummed about this.

the entire registration page seems down now..

From @GoogleIO

We're really feeling the love on our #io2011 registration site right now! Bear with us and keep refreshing.

this has been up for nearly a week, you guys need to stop complaining

io2011 page has been up for a bit yes but the registration was just opened this morning

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