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A vet's hellish diary of climate change (watoday.com.au)
61 points by DyslexicAtheist 23 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

This is a painful read. The habitable zone will shrink as a result of climate change and that will be felt at the edges first. Australia anywhere away from the coast is an area that was always borderline and that balance is tipping, fast. The story of this vet can be multiplied by 100's elsewhere, and many other professions will likely be hit as hard or harder (the farmers themselves, for instance).

By the time the countries that are today still unaffected and affluent will be affected at such levels that idiot politicians who deny climate change are no longer going to be able to bamboozle their voters it will likely be much too late to do anything about it.

So if you think climate change isn't real and don't want read about your future, better skip this story.

Or they'll deliberately accelerate the process, because it will hurt others more than them, or out of naked spite.

People need to move. Climate is going to create millions upon millions of refugees and ruin many previous agricultural occupations. There is nothing for it, people NEED to move, the sooner the better.

The fact that cattle are being negatively affected by climate is a bitter piece of irony for red meat eaters...cattle and beef eaters contribute very heavily to warming via methane and with inefficient energy conversion via feedstock as well as moving cattle with transportation, so...I can't say I will miss cheap plentiful beef if it's becoming more rare and infeasible due in part to beef's own climate warming.

If you own your land, and your land becomes unlivable because of climate change... how do you move?

Very few people have enough liquid cash on hand to purchase a new home without first selling their existing home. If the value of the existing home suddenly goes to zero, essentially those people become refugees. And generally speaking, refugees are not welcome when everyone else feels stressed too.

This aspect of climate change--the long-term effect of destroyed property value--is, I think, underappreciated by a lot of people.

Moving and starting over might be preferable to perishing. And we're still talking about very wealthy people here in a relative sense. What about those that don't have land and that need to move, especially when the move crosses borders into countries that are reluctant at best to have them?

This will get ugly.

The places they would need to move to already have people.

Will those people move over and make room? Some will. Most would rather elect a fascist government to try to keep them out.

Unfortunately I feel like we are going to hear a lot more of these stories.

However I always wonder to what extent the large amount of land clearing for farming has contributed for local climate change in Australia. You can drive for hours and only see empty fields. I feel like we could have done things better. Cattle don't seem best suited for the environment here. Pity kangaroo eating isn't as popular.

May I remind everyone that we are not mere spectators in this story. We can change things for the better. You may not feel like it but we HN'ers are an influential crowd. Look around you. Reach out to like-minded people and join them. Fight together. Opportunities exist. Or you can stay at home and keep posting cynical comments on the internet. The choice is yours.

"the world is in greater peril from those who tolerate or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it"

-- Albert Einstein

Stephen Baxter also depicts a very realistic and thorough view of the climate change consequences in his novel Transcendent... frightening. Still extremely accurate scientifically.

Good book, just read it, thank you!

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