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Are there any good resources for people interested in how multi-player networking/state management works?

I've written these articles, and they're usually well received: https://gabrielgambetta.com/client-server-game-architecture....

Your site says you taught computer graphics for a while. Do you have any other resources to recommend, or even a list of suggested topics? I really enjoyed my intro to computer graphics course but wasn’t able to take any follow ups

Sure! I've written a full book about that: https://gabrielgambetta.com/computer-graphics-from-scratch/i... Currently working with No Starch Press to turn it into a real book :)

Can confirm; these are great

Thank you :) Glad you find them useful.

Seconded, thanks for sharing

It can be a large topic dependent of the type of game, whether physics and such is involved etc... but I bookmarked this article from before which gave a good overview

part 1: https://medium.com/@qingweilim/how-do-multiplayer-games-sync...

part 2: https://medium.com/@qingweilim/how-do-multiplayer-game-sync-...

Might be worth looking at the HN thread about angeldu.st a couple of days ago; lots of discussion and links there about world state

This article about networking (as implemented in Source Engine, but applies to most realtime games) is a worthwhile read: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Source_Multiplayer_...

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