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Whoops, thanks! I'd missed that!

I don't think that had a large effect on my compensation, if any: I joined at L3, which is what most new grads are hired at, and my salary before Google was low enough that I don't think it pushed up my offer at all. I also didn't get offers from multiple places, which is the sort of thing that (a) results in higher offers and (b) is the sort of thing new grads usually do.

But ideally someone hired right out of school would be up for sharing their comp?

Mind sharing what your rent was during those 3 years? The best figure would actually be comp minus taxes and rent.

edit: Oh, I see you were in Boston -- that's a great deal then. I still wouldn't want to work for Google for idealogical reasons, but I can see why the money would attract others. You also had ~9 YEARS of full time experience at that point, which makes it a lot less impressive.

I'm in Boston, and our rent was about $1100/month for a couple. Rents are higher now (https://www.jefftk.com/p/boston-rents-over-time) and we have kids now.

Taxes would be higher but we donate 50% of our income (https://www.jefftk.com/donations) so I'm not sure how you'd count that?

Also, I didn't have ~9 years of full time work when I started at Google, I had 3.5. My first full time programming job started fall 2008, and this was Spring 2012.

If you were making 60k+ through your college "internships," I would put them at the same level as full-time work. My first college internship was $9/hour with no benefits, and it lasted 6 weeks...

Also, donations are discretionary, so you wouldn't count them at all -- you would just count your salary minus your tax rate (not counting deductions, so that the average Joe can get some context).

If you look back at https://www.jefftk.com/money you'll see I wasn't earning more than $12/hr until my first programming job in fall 2008.

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