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> 40 years of crap on top of crap

It's all new.

> wouldn't need thousands of engineers to spin up instances

If thousands of engineers had to worry about deploys, that'd be a problem. The deploy team is small. K8S makes this dead simple.

> Over 1e2 times if the solution is in software

That's ridiculous. Where did you get those figures?

> 1e5 times if it's an fpga. Around 1e8 if you do it in silicon

If you're writing code for FGPAs or burning it to silicon, you're far removed from application server development. That would move at a glacial pace.

> bloated horror

Our containers are thin.

> Has nothing to do with k8s.

You're just hating on k8s at this point.

> Like everything else you listed there this is a hardware improvement.

Kubernetes. :P

Honestly there's been a metric ton of software improvements. Literally everywhere.

Git, modern kernels, Rust, Paxos (popularized in the 90s), LLVM, modern game engines, tmux, Wikis, bittorrent, blockchain, protobufs, gRPC, Bazel, Redis, modern PL idioms, futures, TOTP, U2F, Markdown, RSS/Atom, so many algorithms, seam carving...

> > 40 years of crap on top of crap

> It's all new.

Now I’m tempted to reply, “No wonder that 1000+ engineers can pile up crap that fast” :)

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