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Just an anecdotal data point, but some places have a vibrant tech scene despite paying jack shit. Salt Lake City, where I live, is one of them.

FAANG don't have offices here and don't offer remote positions, so no one is competing with them. As a result senior developers are getting like $130k or something, and seem to be happy with that.

Some people (myself included) don't want to move anywhere else even for $500k. So it seems like a nice little arbitrage.

Indeed, I think $130k might go a lot further in Salt Lake City than $500k elsewhere

If your savings rate is 0, maybe

Suggestion: put your email in your ‘about’ field so someone can remedy that :)

Haha, yeah. I'll be waiting a while for that Director of Shitposting position to open up :)

lanstein is right. Or mail me or lanstein.

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