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Sorry that was your experience. Just so everyone else reading this does not get the wrong idea, not all startups are like this. Many are, many are not. 10-year exercise windows are becoming more common. Flexible remote work is also more common (in fact, startup I'm at now as co-founder, we let people work from wherever the hell they want... while my friends at large tech co's have to work out of an office, even if they are allowed to WFH like once or twice a week). And we work hard but let people take as much time off as they need, whether that's vacation or just a day or half day here or there to deal with some family thing.

If you're reading this, please know that not all startups will "bleed you dry". And on the other hand, many big tech co's will!

I hope these trends continue, but it’s not what I observed over the last couple months.

To be fair, I was specifically not interested in a remote job. Would rather work in an office.

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