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> were due to the fact that the product was shipped too early.

Can you explain more about this? The mantra is generally ship early and iterate fast.

How come the tech team was spending 80% in a bugs rat race?

The earlier statement of "80% of the time was wasted supporting clients" seems perfect? i.e. what else should you be doing other than supporting clients who are willing to pay with features and bug fixes?

Feel like I'm missing something.

Right, they ship a product with bugs, and than spend all of the time in fire drills instead of core functionality.

Nobody wants to pay for bug fixes.

Do more QA and avoid making your customers part of the QA team.

Initially the startup was a service company which later pivoted into customer medical product. Previous contracts were upheld, while new were piling on even after pivot. Note that this is in France, a lot of funding comes from 'collaboration' contracts between laboratories and companies, often including up to 5 different entities. All this means that you are stuck in a whirlpool of quarterly meetings. With a tiny team if your product needs even very little support for each client it piles up. On top of that this was a medical, connected, product, people have different expectations for devices with a stamp on them.

So now you have a team with about 2.5 collaboration projects per engineer, who are at the same time the tech support and SREs. With several new products in a pipeline. All of it wrapped in a bow of medical certification.

One think that startups should have in my opinion is focus. If you have enough funding to go for a moonshot drop everything else and go for it. Don't spend too much time hedging because you will never get to the goal. If it doesn't work out, too bad, but at least do everything you can to get there. Especially when cash strapped.

Could be a hardware product. Shipping hardware early is a nightmare.

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