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Eh, I really don’t think this is representative. I’m a self-taught iOS dev who has only ever been self-employed and I just got a $420k / job from a public company. And I’m smart, but not some unfathomable genius.

I think every engineer should at least do some mock interviews on data structures, algos, and system design (there are TONS) of free study resources and then do a round of interviews. You only need one yes.

Congrats dude! All salary or salary and equity?

$220k cash, $200k equity (or whatever it’s worth in 12 months!)

where is this? also, how many years of experience?

Not going to disclose the company. Smaller public tech company. 10+ yoe.

right, wasn't looking for the company actually, by "where" I meant the location, which I think is NYC based on your handle! Congrats, that's a great gig!

Ah yes, NYC. Thanks! I seriously couldn't be more excited :)

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