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There is a lot of capital out there, what needs to happen is the number of startups shrink and the well funded ones pay more money - even more than google or FB pay. Simple as that! If you are sad that you can’t get a professional team on a $1mil seed, I have absolutely no empathy for you because I’m an employee and this is the free market.

Now, if you really want to make it more enticing, some things that would move the needle for me other than comparable salaries (although more cash is #1):

- Larger equity that automatically ups if it will be diluted, and the moment any shares vest I can sell them in the private market.

- Transparent cap table.

- If the founders take cash off the table, I can as well, and no preference for founders.

- 10 years after leaving to exercise my shares. I don’t want to have a 3 month trigger that handcuffs me to prevent a giant cap gains bill on “paper money” when the fair market value is way higher.

- Reasonable working hours.

- Flexible work from home policy.

But overall, go raise more and start offering more cash, because I assume 95% of startups are total failures.

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