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Don't start your career as a contractor. Find a job first, even part time, if you can. Few people can get away with zero structure to shape them first.

Interesting. I've got a monthlong holiday break and want to get some work experience in it. My expectation is that no one will want to go through the effort of hiring me for that. I don't need the money right now, I'm trying to create a history of having reliably done something for money that I can point to in the future.

For example, a project I bid on was offering $200 to implement an email signature with two columns and basic styling from an image spec. Since it looked trivial and interesting I spent two hours learning a DSL for emails (MJML) and making it and then submitted a bid with screenshots of it in a few email clients.

I'm not trying to get a job creating something of significant scale or significant duration right now.

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