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Github Resume Generator (resume.github.com)
175 points by davidcoallier on Feb 6, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 35 comments

It's not bad, however it doesn't include my contributions to open source projects just the repositories that are in-fact mine. If I was reviewing someone else's resume I'd want to see those things.

Exactly. Not to mention that it doesn't even include forked repositories in your profile.

For example, I've got commit rights to repositories living on other people's profiles, I use my company's Organization profile to publish open-source software and I use my personal profile only when I'm working on patches for others (fork -> push -> pull request -> delete)...

...and my resume generated using this tool is just rubbish.

On the similar note, try this LinkedIn Resume builder - http://resume.linkedinlabs.com. It's pretty cool and useful too!

It'd be cool if it could retrieve projects you contribute to actively but you don't own.

Yep it's in the list of future features if the GH-API allows it :-)

We are doing something pretty similar but we take info from other sources like sourceforge or google code and also from github. It's called Masterbranch (http://www.masterbranch.com)

PS I have another account here but I can't log in :(

really cool, but it seems it does not consider organizations of which the user is a member

Yeah, considering my two largest projects are Organizations, this ends up looking quite different for me.

Not yet, I'm planning on adding a few things like (see the note on http://resume.github.com) and more.

Feel free to fork and modify! :) I'd be happy to include any decent contribution that makes better resumes.

oh sorry, I had not seen the note. To be honest, I do not see it now either but at least I found the github project :D https://github.com/resume/resume.github.com

The "sometimes I blog at" links don't seem to work; for example, on http://resume.github.com/?rupa

Good catch :) Fixed and pushed.

Seems like it's not a cache issue, just the fix doesn't quite work.

I'm seeing the updated version of http://resume.github.com/js/githubresume.js (with the changes shown at https://github.com/resume/resume.github.com/commit/f046b8af6...) but it's still not working quite right.

For example http://resume.github.com/?rupa is generating this HTML:

  I blog at <a href="http://http://un.ix.io" title="my blog">http://un.ix.io</a>


I would assume Github has a cache, hard-refresh and it should be there now.

Pretty cool. I wonder how it decides which repos to show though. It listed my dotfiles repo but not Leiningen, which is the #1 most-forked Clojure project.

The page states it is only your first 30 created repos; did you have 30 before Leiningen?

Very nice. Please fix: "repository by it's sum of watchers" => "repository by its sum of watchers".

No one wants to have a typo in their resumé. :-)

Hah good point :-) Should be fixed now, I just pushed to the repo.

Pretty neat. I also recently work on something similar. http://pdfcv.com

Took me a minute to figure out why it thought my github account had perl in it. Unfortunate that perl and prolog both use the the .pl extension. I think GitHub makes the same mistake, or did when I put the prolog stuff up anyway.

I recognise this template, I used it for a crappy filler cv I made a while ago. Pretty neat idea!

So did I, it's from here - http://thingsthatarebrown.com/blog/2009/05/sample-resume-tem...

All modesty aside, he should mention where he got the template from.

Very good point, I think the footer got lost in some git stash. I've re-added it now.

Ok everyone, I've added a basic listing of member organisations but the API seems to be a tad erratic and sometimes doesn't load and some other times does.

Please let me know if something is completely wrong and so I'll revert it.

Languages and frameworks could also be listed in the order of SLOC.

I'm getting an odd behavior - every single click seems to lead to the "UH OH :(" page. (Ubuntu 10.10, Firefox 3.6.13)

Same here. It worked with Opera 11.01, so it seems to be a browser specific bug.

What do you think about printing names in all caps? Why wouldn't it be better to use upper and lower case?

Don't add a period unless there is body text, and it doesn't already end in a punctuation mark.

More useful than I thought it would be. Cheers!

Brilliant idea!

Cool but you should post some examples.

Check it again, there are examples for you to peruse. Or you can try this one: http://resume.github.com/?raganwald

This is pretty awesome!

really cool idea! looking forward to where it goes.

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