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At least it's fun to write modern Perl code compared to Js which is kind of annoying. Raku is also a very nice language but it's still too slow and hasn't gained much traction. Someone who's proficient in Perl can probably become productive in Python in less than a month.

I was traditionally the farthest thing from a JS callback hell fanboy, but, using modern JS with async/await and “classes” (yes I realize it’s syntactic sugar, prototypical inheritances, yada yada yada), it’s not bad. I haven’t played with TypeScript in a few years, but I’m looking to get back into it.

But why fool with Perl at all - especially Raku since it’s basically a new language that doesn’t have the widespread support of Python or God forbid PHP?

One fools with Perl if there's legacy Perl infrastructure in production. One does not simply rewrite 20+ kloc of working Perl code into something else just because it's cool. Mojolicious is a good and elegant web framework for modern Perl. I haven't seen anything comparable except maybe in Ruby.

I'm more of a Ruby fan than a Python fan, but Python has Django, Flask, Tornado and others.


I know. Django is quite different, maybe Flask is sinatraish but not async afaik. Tornado is async but plain different as well and from what I've read more suited for web APIs. I'd rather use just about any modern Node.js framework than older non async frameworks for Python.

But specifically, why move to Raku for new projects?

I personally think Raku is a poor choice for new projects. I've never heard of anything relatively popular built with it. I get the feeling it's quite a hobbyist platform at this point.

I'd rather use Perl 5 than Raku at the moment. At least Perl 5 has CPAN which is still somewhat alive.

It's a bit like Julia, or Java 1.3, only without the marketing behind it. It's quite capable, definitely not a hobbyst project. Too slow and missing a lot of libraries though. And yes, Perl is still a better choice.

Because of the rational math. For what it's worth it could replace Cobol, although I don't know if that's such a great thing. And maybe because it's a well designed language and a joy to program in, but we already have Ruby for that.

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