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I moved most of the important stuff away the other year. Went with Protonmail and then Fastmail since their IMAP support was better. I really prefer to use a native email client over the web interface; I don't need to be online to sift through my archive.

Ended up with a Google account still because I get value out of youtube, and of course I don't have a choice at work since most startups seem to go G-Suite by default (I'd take the MS offering over that too; they're not in the ad business).

At risk of going off topic, I hope that if one day I have children (if at all), I will remember enough of the old internet back in the late 90s/early 2000s to be able to describe just how weird and wonderful that world used to be. Not all of it was good or great but they'll be forgotten relics of an ancient era, in tech terms. You know, like getting on the internet by picking up a free AOL CD from the local supermarket; not being able to use the internet and make a phone call at the same time; cracks and keygens with the epic graphics and music; making a really bad website with frames and tables with Macromedia Dreamweaver or MS FrontPage...

Feels like these days that the internet, in the mainstream (so not HN or similar), is just an advertising and surveillance platform.

> I'd take the MS offering over that too; they're not in the ad business

Have you seen Windows 10 (even the Pro version)?

I have, and I've used it. I thought it was tasteless to put ads in windows explorer and stuff but it was all obvious. Telemetry in and of itself isn't bad if they don't connect it to an IP or account or other kind of fingerprint, they just look at what is interacted with and what isn't without knowing who did it.

OSs aside, the pro tools are very good

I also kept my account, hard to ditch it with everyone around me sharing google docs. I still use it once in a while, and I have plenty of stuff in drive that I need to take out. Funny enough, office live might be an alternative...

> plenty of stuff in drive that I need to take out.

Check this tool out https://rclone.org/. It's a command-line sync tool that fully supports Google Drive.

I've just recently switched a lot of things over to Office. You get the exchange server, of course, and now it's oAuth based I get a much better integration with my iPhone and computers without having to set up app-specific passwords.

Try http://invidio.us to get rid of youtube. At least their cookies, tracking scripts and account.

thanks for the trip down memory lane, hopeful times they were

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