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If perl6 had not been the Duke Nukem Forever of programming languages, I'd probably still be coding in Perl, but Ruby just came along and offered a very similaly spirited playground. And then I found lisp and realized that my late perl code was very lisp-ish anyway.

Did Duke Nukem Forever change its name? Perl 6 has. It's called Raku now (https://raku.org using the #rakulang tag on social media). And it is very much alive and ready for production.

No, but it was so long in the making that I had discovered alternatives and mastered them.

I still write perl5 sometimes but none of perl6 features convinced me to install an interpreter anywhere when I already have ruby or python on the machine.

Too bad. And now it is too late, because Perl 6 has been renamed to Raku (https://raku.org using the #rakulang tag on social media). Which features would convince you to install Raku?

Which does it offer that are not covered by ruby, python or CL?

I am fluent in a lot of languages and cannot really imagine anything that could motivate me to upgrade my perl5 black belt to perl6 except for a well-paid gig that requires it.

Better Unicode support and async/parallel processing primitives that don't depend on a GIL, are the first things that come up.

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