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> And as usual, it’s not just about speed – it’s also about the costs associated with achieving that performance. It’s about efficiency, and leveraging resources in a way that enables scalability.

Do you even know what scalability means? It roughly means that when the demand on your software increases linearly, you can throw more hardware at it (also at a linear rate) and everything should be fine. It does not mean or imply using a small amount of resources. In this sense, using SSL is pretty scalable since it's always a fixed cost per connection and as your number of connections increases linearly, you don't need to add computers exponentially fast.

> Encrypted traffic cannot be evaluated or scanned or routed based on content by any upstream device. IDS and IPS and even so-called “deep packet inspection” devices upstream of the server cannot perform their tasks upon the traffic because it is encrypted.

Good, that means it's doing its job right.

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