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I hope you understand that I'm addressing the "style" part of the "style vs. substance" issue with this resume by citing Feltron.

Yes and I don't agree with this apples vs oranges comparison, which is why I pointed out how unsuitable the Feltron infographics would be for a resume - no matter how well they may work in the context of an annual report.

The goal of her infographic is to catch attention and force-feed information while glancing. If that resume landed on my desk then I would look at it longer than at most others, simply because it's visually pleasing and interesting (read: different).

I agree that I wouldn't want to receive such a resume for the position of, say, a security researcher or for a (wait for it) infographics designer. But for the position of a web-designer or rails-developer I don't think this deserves the flak you were giving it.

You know I'm a Rails developer, right? That we're hiring Rails developers? Stop saying I'm not qualified because I'm a "security researcher". :)

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