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How Robert Cottrell of ‘The Browser’ finds the best writing on the web (superorganizers.substack.com)
75 points by dshipper 6 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

Good Curation like editorial, is what I miss most about print media broadsheets. Its like the whole Ed Meese pornography/erotica thing, you can't quite define it, but you can tell it when you see it. (In that spirit I love Terry Pratchetts take, erotica is being tickled with a feather, pornography is being rubbed by the whole chicken)

I signed up to the free tier, to see what his curation is like. If its as good as laphams, I could be there.

I've been pretty happy with it, although I find that I don't have time to read the volume of pieces they recommend with the paid tier.

I use Feedly - an RSS reader - as well. It's a pretty nice tool for aggregating a lot of content into one place. They've done a nice job of putting a modern service on top of RSS too. The android app isn't so great, however.

Me too. The speed of using "j" and "k" to navigate articles (that load instantly) feels amazing.

Me like. I signed up for a year of The Browser.


Professor Jeff Jarvis?

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