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Simple trick to double deep learning speed and CNN and GPU Benchmarks (github.com)
2 points by cgn 33 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

Hi, friends. With NeurIPS behind us and ICML ahead, maybe you want to do some deep learning. Inspired by Justin Johnson's original work benchmarking the older GTX GPUs, I extended this work to the new RTX GPUs with benchmarks for most ResNet architectures on ImageNet and CIFAR. Along the way, I discovered a dramatic difference in performance based on how you position your GPUs. Enjoy :)

Benchmarking post: https://l7.curtisnorthcutt.com/benchmarking-gpus-for-deep-le...

Positioning (speed-up) post: https://l7.curtisnorthcutt.com/gpu-positioning

GitHub with Benchmarks: https://github.com/cgnorthcutt/cnn-gpu-benchmarks

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