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Using javascript for navigation is fine and all, but you wouldn't be able to provide good fallback for users who disabled js. Better just use somethiing like nunjucks to extend your html https://mozilla.github.io/nunjucks/

I actually thought about that and went with JavaScript anyway. I myself surf with it off. The loss of the header is to me not a bug but a feature. It usually just clutters the page. Seldom do I wish to click there.

I just want to read the article and back away. If I wanted to look around the site, then I could edit the address to go home. I think most others who know computers well enough to turn off JavaScript would also be comfortable doing the same.

Nunjucks is cool, but now your website is no longer static. You need to run every page request through Node. That's not too bad, but I took the loss of nav as the better road.

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