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Most of his direct reports at L10 are going to be $M’s and for those with larger scopes, $5M+ is very easily possible. For someone like Dave on the S-team he’s going to be $10M+ and I couldn’t even begin to guess at how much over that.

It isn’t incredibly uncommon for L8 offers to be made around $1.5M USD today in AWS - the market is very competitive for excellent leaders in Seattle. Long-time employees can potentially make more: appreciation of their equity; you have specialized or niche knowledge which commands a premium; retained because AMZN can’t easily replace you.

In summary, senior leadership positions at Amazon are extremely well compensated. It’s very rare indeed to lose someone good to another company over money.

Throwaway because its taboo for an L8 or L10 to be openly discussing $M+ compensation packages.

L8 in AWS is =/= to L8 in Fulfillment.

You were in the Andy Jassy world- Pay is higher. The Dave Clark world pays less- despite what you hear elsewhere.

Every Large FC has an L8 director... they don't all make 1.5Mil. Smaller FCs are normally lead by lower levels but again... that pay would never scale.

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