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If you care about your readers, your site should probably have navigation links, maybe even search and an RSS feed. So now you are talking about editing lots of things by hand or moving to some kind of automation. If you like coding HTML by hand, that's great, do it, but there's also nothing wrong with having some infrastructure to build navigation, indices, etc. HTML is analogous to other markup languages, such as latex or markdown, and has its strengths and weaknesses. There is nothing inherently virtuous about it.

Not trying to be harsh but I feel like the "purist" opinion presented in the article is an affect which can only be expressed about sites unburdened by the presence of or desire for readers.

I agree with you that there really is nothing virtuous about handcrafted HTML, and it's for that same reason that I've spent very little time on it as you can probably tell. Rather, the point of the article is to assert that you don't need another tool, fancy theme or dependency to write and share something online. As for the RSS feed, there is one you can find at https://zainamro.com/feed.xml, which I've also mentioned in the final paragraph. And regarding your point on navigation and search, I've noticed most users naturally find their way around my website without any explicit navigation links. That being said, I have considered adding an "Up" link that takes you to the parent directory which I think may suffice.

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