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Alchemist Camp 2019 Year in Review (questinglog.com)
7 points by AlchemistCamp 66 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Thank you for sharing your business journey. I am curious about whether you think the Amy Hoy course you reference would be useful for a fiction author in building their fanbase?

That one's hard to say... the course focuses intensely on learning how to better understand your audience, but that audience doesn't sound like what they'd recommend.

Thanks. My daughter is a productive novelist. She has published with 2 different independent publishers, as well as experimenting with self-publishing another series. Her current publisher signed her to a 2 year exclusive.

However, it appears that these smaller independent publishers are mediocre at generating any significant audience. It feels like it is largely up to the author to develop their own audience.

So I am always keeping my mind open to people who have overcome the starting problem in terms of developing an audience or fan base even outside of fiction.

I'm not super knowledgeable about this, but I do know three people who are reasonably successful non-fiction writers (2 traditionally published and the 3rd entirely on the kindle store).

One thing they've all told me is that one of every publisher's first questions is something along the lines of, "How big is your email list?" The pretty much want writers to have already built up their own audience online.

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