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You have to login with your Gsuite credentials. You don't have to use the email.

The downside I'm thinking of is, for example:

You build an app for people to apply for jobs at your company.

AppMaker won't support that unless you pay for a Gsuite license for every job applicant. Or do the external user facing stuff in something else and integrate...but that kills the whole purpose of low code.

Hmmm, interesting, thanks for this, I will have to think about this, how to do login and security correctly. Any good web links you have on this please share so that I can research it, thanks!

Most similar tools like Knack, Quickbase, etc, have separate ideas and pricing for "internal org users" and "external users" that register/log in, as well as "app exposed to the internet with no login required".

Ok, interesting. Our initial thoughts are to use Red Hat style pricing, so that Yazz Pilot open source version is free for both external and internal users to use the tool, and companies only pay if they want a support contract for help or urgent bugs, pretty much the same model as Red Hat

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