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We Launched Teams for Linux Linux Fans: Replace Windows with Linux Already (twitter.com/matvelloso)
2 points by dredmorbius 11 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

Say they did re-write Windows from scratch removing all the legacy and kept current windows in deprecation mode would they build a POSIX style system? Should they do a Linux derivative? Rewrite the whole thing in Rust? C#? Something else? Say a micro kernel?

Nora, Witch of Cyberspace (@tyndal@cybre.space on Mastodon) has a prretty good response to this, thread beginning:

I guess I'm going on a rant again. Strap in.

People who make fun of #Linux users who don't appreciate #Microsoft's recent embracing of Linux on cloud and desktop are missing the point in a very disheartening way. We don't want Linux, we want a #FreeDesktop....


Her points are strongly held by others, and I suspect fairly widely shared.

Author is Matt Velloso, Technical Advisor to the CEO at Microsoft.

That friendly mask seems to have slipped.

The title could do with more punctuation.

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