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[dupe] Better password protections in Chrome (blog.google)
17 points by hongzi 10 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

I can't help but notice how few upvotes this has received. If something similar was done in Firefox it would usually be the top news on HN. This much hatred towards Chrome on HN is both unbelievable and justifiable (given Chrome's recent changes which affect the privacy of its users).

There’s another discussion here that has more upvotes: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=21758388

I think I would be equally upset about this feature in Firefox. I like services like HaveIBeenPwned, but I like manually choosing to use these services. This does not use HaveIBeenPwned, but it's being marketed as helpful when I would consider it risky exposure to perform this check every time you use a password. I'm sure this will help millions, even if I am paranoid and dislike things being done for me.

Because the real protection chrome users need is from chrome itself and google. This helps I guess but what’s the point if google sucks up everything about you regardless?

Google collecting more personal data on it's users and passing it off as a helpful service? I never would have guessed. /s

I wonder if their data sets contain entries for non-Google users too?

You know, I’d be impressed if it weren’t for Google deliberately tracking people. I’d be even more impressed if Chrome started actively working on privacy, like Brave and Mozilla are doing.

Right now Firefox already has monitor that does all of what this does. Seems to me they are playing a sort of partial catchup.

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