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Show HN: NativeConnect for Mac – Desktop Client for App Store Connect (nativeconnect.app)
16 points by stream on Dec 10, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments

Is this calling private APIs? I hope Apple embraces NativeConnect (like it did with Test Flight^) instead of sending you a cease and desist!

^ I don’t believe that Test Flight used private APIs

Thanks for kind wishes. That’s correct, NativeConnect uses Private API, similarly to Fastlane and all other tools for ASO. Let’s hope for the next WWDC, maybe Apple makes them public.

As far as I remember, TestFlight in 2010 used both yours and their own enterprise certificate to sign apps with Apple and distribute them for public. Not sure however, sorry

That's not correct; they used ad hoc signing. They collected UDIDs with a configuration profile served over the web. I think enterprise was also an option, but it wasn't the only one – most organisations used ad hoc.

Right, AdHoc! Thanks Jim :)

I have no clue what this does, but I love this app for bucking the trend of native apps going web-based. More of this, please!

Also, it looks very nice and Cocoa-y.

The original press release from last year explains it: https://nativeconnect.app/releases/announcement/

Thank you, much appreciated.

Finally! Great work!

Thanks a lot!

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