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I have been watching this project for a while, but now i can see the full source code. A very ambitious project as so many of the "low code" products today are basically fixed ecosystems where the components are sourced by the company, and you basically mix and match pie chart drawing modules with line graphs, etc., to make dashboards. This is more like VB6 which i understand was the goal. Many people consider VB6 to be the peak of power * ease of use.

The project has always been OpenSource, so full source code was always available. Yes you are right, I would like Yazz Pilot to be a total VB6 clone, but I still can't implement 90% of what VB6 did like Modules and inline stepping through code

Aren't you the Beads guy (http://beadslang.org/)? I have seen it before and it looks pretty cool

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