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Thank you for your reference to Perl 6. Please note that Perl 6 has been renamed to "Raku" (https://raku.org) using #rakulang as a tag for social media.

Please also not that all string handling in Raku (the `Str` class) is based on graphemes, not just some added functions. This e.g. means that a newline is always 1 grapheme (regardless of whether it was a CR or LF or CRLF). And that for é there is no difference between é (LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH ACUTE aka 0x00E9) and (LATIN SMALL LETTER E, COMBINING ACUTE ACCENT aka 0x0065, 0x0301).

Please note that for any combination between characters and combiners for which there does not exist a composed version in Unicode, Raku will create synthetic codepoints on the fly. This ensures that you can consider your texts as graphemes, but still be able to roundtrip strange combinations.

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