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There was a popular book about this written over 20 years ago, The Song of the Dodo.


This was a great book. I live in the pacific northwest and one thing that boggles my mind is just how cheap forest land is. Weyerhaeuser owns 12.4 million acres and only has a market cap of 21 billion. Crazy to me that for 0.5% of the national budget you could buy out this company and increase the size of the national forests in the lower 48 by nearly 10%.

Everyone wants to spend mental energy on being green and helping the environment, but nobody wants to allow wild places to recover. I would argue any politician proposing a green new deal is proposing a plan that would get less done than simply using eminent domain to form new national forests out of timberland. Much of this land was never proved and was simply granted to railroads, many of which no longer even exist.

If much of the most valuable timberland in North America is this cheap, then what about deserts with no energy prospects?

There are still places in the US that should even be national parks such as the Ruby Mountains in Nevada, which the book mentions briefly as having an island like effect due to how isolated they are from other high alpine mountains.

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