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National Journal (Atlantic Media) | Senior Front-End Web Developer | Washington, DC | ONSITE | https://www.nationaljournal.com

National Journal serves government affairs professionals with the journalism, tools, and in­tel­li­gence they need to save time, in­crease ef­fi­ciency, and de­liv­er suc­cess. With a focus on actionable research, insights, and custom content, National Journal keeps members informed about key movements in people, politics, and policy, including elections and campaign finance. Election years are huge for our members (and for us) and 2020 is going to be busy and exciting.

Tech Stack: We're ramping up a new project that calls for a modern framework (a departure from our current jQuery-based website frontend) and that's where this new hire comes in. We're evaluating both React and Vue and will look to our new front-end hire to help recommend the best fit and get started. Our other devs are full-stack and spend most of their time on back-end work in Python/Django, but this front-end hire won't need to be a Python/Django expert. Other things we work with routinely include Postgres, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Neo4j, Pandas, and Less.

We're a small team with good people, solid work-life balance, and interesting problems to solve. Other parts of the job involve building new functionality around vendor integrations (Salesforce, Marketo, Google Analytics) and ingesting data from API providers (FEC, Vote Smart, KnowWho), as well as building out custom pages and dashboards for our public-facing site and improving our home-grown CMS.


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