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This is a common view these days. But as a technical founder, I disagree with this view. Once you launch the bare minimum first version, there are different customer segments who pull you in different directions. Often you chase one path and find that the customer segment is not lucrative enough and chase the next. Till you find a compelling usecase with money making potential, you will end up with various set of features used by different customer segments.

This might still be less wasteful when compared to building an entire product and finding no customers. But, it is taxing on the technical founder! Lean washing shouldn't set a wrong expectation for the technical founder involved in startups that follow the rapid prototyping approach.

man, I feel your pain. I've been through this a few times. Just about to go through it again. Yes it's tough. I keep hoping that there's a non-tough bit later when most of the technical problems are solved and we get to sit back a bit and watch the business folk hustle. Haven't found that point so far though

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