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RAWGraphs: a missing link between spreadsheets and data visualization (rawgraphs.io)
106 points by abbe98 75 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

I hate to be that person but the donation banner ad at the top means only about 20% of the screen shows the content. Can't really read what this is about except through a narrow slot.

Not that it excuses bad design, but I always have Kill Sticky Headers https://alisdair.mcdiarmid.org/kill-sticky-headers , or one of the other suggestions at https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=15123638 , ready to deploy in such situations.

Covering half the screen with a blinky distraction begging for "donations" before I even know your product is, is not the way to get them.

This is pretty neat and will undoubtedly be useful to some! It reminds me of a more fleshed out version of the graphing tool QZ made before their acquisition.


To the devs:

On mobile your header and the additional donation banner (which I don't see an easy way to remove) take up about 45% of my screen, so it's very hard to see what's on the page in question.

I understand you want donations, but I don't even know what this is yet and it's pretty hard to find out given the very tiny window into your content. I'm not the kind of person to donate to something without knowing what it is, and at this point you're actively dissuading me from finding out. That's a good way to get less donations and less users.

I opened the page, saw some blinking thing that I could not removed and immediately closed the page.

What is this? 1995?

This is pretty awesome, I wish there was a quick way to test this out locally with a npm install.

Small suggestion, but I wish the gifs spent more time on each image. When I'm trying to make out small details in screenshots it takes longer than the brief amount of time allowed. Better yet, click to zoom screenshots.

This looks pretty cool, can it be embedded in a webapp to allow users to create graphs with the webapp's data?

Seems to be open source (https://github.com/rawgraphs/raw) so you should be able to.

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