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> Your answer was an answer to a question that wasn't being asked, and one that was obvious, at that. It seems reasonable that it was downmodded.

> "Are trucks more likely to hit pedestrians? I was not aware of big vehicles being more dangerous."

Its pretty blindingly obvious what I answered.

> Hacker News depends on downmods for community moderation. Discouraging them would lower the quality of the site.

But attacking facts literally lowers the quality of the site

> Not to assume bad-faith, but this was a joke, wasn't it? A bad comment should be downmodded more, and users should not be penalized for that. Flagging, too, should happen if it's extremely bad.

And yet you also want to prevent echo chambers. So many people just blindly ram the downvote button on a grey comment. Or a comment that goes against one of the big names on HN, even if that comment is right.

Your responses to 2. and 3. (and 1. too) basically all come down to "downvoting is amazing, we need more of it!"

I don't really know how to respond to that. Are you completely oblivious to echo chamber effects..?

Edit: the fact that you downvoted this immediately only strengthens my point, dude.

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