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I had a startup that I operated for 3yrs full time. Once, we almost lost a deal because we could not get E&O and Liability insurance in time. The process was backwards -- heck, faxing applications in this day and age?

I have not used Vouch, but I know that insurance is vast and a very messed up industry. It is unrealistic to think they can solve all problems as a tiny company. However, it is heartening to see them try to solve some problems, at least for some people -- hopefully this spurs change in the industry. I wish them luck on their particular effort.

Honestly speaking, even if the underwriting approval process takes months, there is no reason in 2019 that ANY insurance company should direct you to faxed forms, as some incumbents do. Even if no other problem gets solved, e-applications would be a huge win.

Also, to be fair to this company, sometimes, what you underwrite is not up to you. This small company (not sure how they are structured) is probably not holding the risk. They either broker the risk, or take it on and later bundle it away. That means they are forced to only accept applications they can actually offload after origination. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

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