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I think you fundamental mistake is thinking that you can separate technical and political concerns or that those two things really are always distinct and cleanly separable.

To me having that kind of discussion really doesn’t make a lot of sense. You know, since “we live in a society” (at the risk of quoting a clearly thought-terminating cliche).

Unicode contains within itself thousands of design-decisions, many of them trade-offs. After the fact it’s always extremely easy to swoop in and nitpick those trade-offs. No possible world exists where all those trade-offs are made correctly and what’s more defining what a “correct” trade-off even is is frequently simply impossible to know.

(Just one example to illustrate the scope of this problem: A certain trade-off might be worth making in one direction for use case A and in another direction for use case B, however it’s not really easy to find out whether use case A or use case B are more frequent in the wild. What if both use cases are about equally as important? Now imagine the trade-off space not being a binary space but multi-dimensional. Now imagine not just two but several use cases. Now imagine use case usage changing over time and new use cases emerging in the future.)

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