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I believe the problem is the lack of protocols implemented in browsers. It's needlessly fragile to have a single route to the data.

"Web pages only last about 100 days on average"[1]

http was nice, we gave it a good spin, it was certainly close enough for the cigar but in all honesty... where you have 100 days to find the content you want to consume it is not even a reasonable approach. I bet a lot of it is still available some place but whoever archived it legally may not distribute it without permission.

I really don't care if TOR, IPFS, freenet or zeronet work out of the box. If it means access to more content its great. I don't even know how to use gopher atm.

Good stuff is happening[2] but where they apparently chose to make it an extension is pretty lame.


If the user types "salvation army" into the browser we know what they want. Selling the rights to deny access is not what we need.

[1] - http://blog.archive.org/2015/02/11/locking-the-web-open-a-ca...

[2] - https://blog.ipfs.io/2019-10-08-ipfs-browsers-update/

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