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I'm a great asset to anyone's team.

I learn new things quickly.

I make friends in the workplace easily.

I share memes and various development-related links on Slack (or whatever the company-intern messaging tool is).

I organize after-work outings (bowling, beer, sushi, fare, etc.).

I can grill burgers.

I have a beard.

I have a Switch for lunch breaks.

I'm currently doing an online course for 3D Unity game development, so my value is going to expand into the game industry, too.

I can help out coworkers - often times as their rubber duck replacement.

I have a good taste in music.

I also have a shameful taste in music.

I'm very open about my mood. If the company is sucking the life out of me it can be seen very easily.

I'm a 1x engineer: https://1x.engineer/

I sneeze very loudly. I'm sorry.

I take my projects serious and I will work to the best of my abilities.

I make mistakes. But we're all human. It's ok.

I will remember the mistakes I've done and avoid them in the future.

I'm very honest. I won't lie for you to clients.

I'm not crass. I know how not to talk to someone.

I'm not allergic to animals.

I don't do soccer (I tend to break things when I do sports - usually my own bones).

I cannot work with Windows.

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