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>Son, who has said his investment strategy is to focus on companies powered by artificial intelligence, is eager to move WeWork beyond its real-estate beginnings. Briefing analysts after last earnings announcement, SoftBank’s founder bristled at the suggestion that WeWork doesn’t match that profile. He said that he’s long pushed WeWork to make better use of its data, but progress has been slow. The company will now begin experimenting with AI in Japan and could be ready to introduce it more broadly in as little as six months, Son said.

This part kills it for me. WeWork pumped their valuation by pretending to be a tech business when they're actually a office rental business. Son is still pushing that, he genuinely believes a bit of machine learning pixie dust is going to push occupancy up and make the company profitable but there is no reason to believe this. Frankly, I suspect if you do create an AI that's predicting and managing your occupancy then you're better off letting it go trade the stock exchange.

Just wait until they start talking about somehow leveraging blockchains as a possible solution...

Knowing what we now know about WW's various side businesses, I'm honestly quite surprised that they never launced WeCoin when the crypto craze of 2017-18 was in full swing. But perhaps useless tokens are only the go-to option for businesses that don't have a patron saint like M. Son.

I hate to use the uber for this the airbnb for that, but.... wouldn't that have made a lot more sense for wework (sorry, riffing of AI pixie dust :)).

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