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If you are looking for an experienced programmer, please skip this ad. If you are looking for someone that can solve hard, uncommon problems, please read on.

I'm an experimental physicist. I got my PhD plus five years of experience in fundamental particle physics in the largest labs around the world: At CERN (Switzerland), Fermilab (IL, US) and TRIUMF (BC, Canada). I worked on experiments at the largest particle accelerator built to date, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), being a leading scientist in searches for new physics beyond the Standard Model Of Particle Physics, the most accurate theory mankind has discovered to date.

I developed scientific software in C++, python and bash, using ROOT, hadoop or spark; and I got a strong Linux background. More importantly, though, I've found solutions to difficult problems, and in doing so answered scientific questions.

I developed advanced silicon detector prototypes, that trigger responses by single particles passing through them.

Moreover, I worked in big collaborations, where good teamwork and effective project management is essential. I also introduced many doctoral students to the amazing world of particle physics and the strange world of human technology that we use to answer questions arising in particle physics.

Lately I got a little bit frustrated with the progress in fundamental science, plus we seem to hit a wall, where progress is not possible without large sums of public funding, which is the reason I'm considering moving to the private sector.

I'm looking for a high profile position, where I can lead people, use my technical knowledge and grow, both personally and together with the company. If you are looking for a personality with versatile skills, an excellent analytic problem solving mind, and a teamleader, I am interested to hear more about your position.

Location: Switzerland

Remote: Maybe

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: Linux, C++, Python, Root, RooFit, RooStats, bash, SQL, Spark, LaTeX

Résumé/CV: https://github.com/basilschneider/cv

Email: gravity.hackernews@mailnull.com

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