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I've never taken anti-depressants and don't understand why so many people do. If you can't calm down your own mind, then you've got a problem no pill is going to solve - and the fact that people abuse these pills or keep taking them habitually proves this.

You don't understand depression or antidepressants period.

Antidepressants typically take weeks to take effect and have a low efficency rate overall - the reason why so many are approved is because it is a matter of cycling through them to find one which is actually effective and without unacceptable side effects.

The closest form of "abuse" aside from idiots who take any random substances to try to get high (in which case Mike & Ikes or kitchen spices also qualify because it is a matter of intent) is using them to try to make other withdrawal symptoms more tolerable which is far from mainstream even among burnt out addicts.

Antidepressants are a belief system, and like most religions, have both their detractors and promoters. And, like most religions, there is money to be made ... Lots and lots of money.

Antidepressants have the same efficacy as placebo.

Whether or not you believe this depends on if you have a prescription, and/or have understood the studies which point this out.

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