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Role: Technical Product Manager, Applied Machine Learning scientist

Location: San Diego

Willing to Relocate: Yes (US, UK) - US citizen

Technologies: Machine Learning, Python, Tensorflow, Pytorch, Julia, C#, Unity, AWS, Node, SQL

Skills: math, optimization, physics, graphics, design

Resume: https://www.overleaf.com/read/wkbttymdcmqt

Personal site: robotoverlordmanual.com

Email: marksaroufim@gmail.com

Hi I’m Mark, I’m an Applied ML Scientist and Product Designer. I'm the founder of yuri.ai where my goal is to make it really easy for game developers to balance their games using Reinforcement Learning. I’m looking for a job because the Lebanese banking system is collapsing and I’ll soon need income to support my parents.

How I can help you:

I can write top notch documentation and can explain anything to anyone: My book robotoverlordmanual.com is a visual and accessible robotics, ML and math textbook with over 28000 monthly viewers. I’m very comfortable writing and speaking.

I can manage your most complex projects: I was the BI lead when Microsoft was selling its display ads business to AOL, I made sure Outlook AI efforts were compliant. I’ve worked on projects with 100+ stakeholders and have bootstrapped projects where I was the first engineer to 10 engineers.

I can turn your research into a product: I’ve done this with Yuri, I’ve done this at Microsoft when I was working on a next gen email ranker and a part of speech tagger and I’ve done this at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory when I was setting up their computer security anomaly detection pipeline from scratch

I can setup your entire BI infrastructure and measure what matters: I’ve done this for more than 10 teams at Microsoft. I will help you find and measure the metrics that are most indicative of your product success.

I will also get along with your dev team: I have extensive science and development experience and can tell the difference between realistic work and sci-fi. I have extensive experience with tooling and research in BI, ML, RL and game dev.

Please ask me questions!

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