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> It's nice to see that the traditional desktop GUI programmers finally realize that the way the Web people do GUIs is right (React/Vue/...) and the way they did it until now (QT/GTK/WPF/...) is wrong.

Ironically, it's quite the opposite.

It's quite funny to see React people seeing their thing as a "GUI revolution" when React's approach have existed for 10/20 years in the traditional GUI world.

- Component oriented approach: Done by Qt, GTK, WPF, OSX for more than 20 years:

- Reactive design: Qt and other have done that for 15 years.

- Stateless Immediate rendering: IMGUI and nuklear have done it for 10 years.

- Pub/Sub event dispatch: Call it signal/slot and you had it in Qt/GTK for 15 years.

- DOM specified GUI, call it XUL, XAML or Qt XML and you had it for 10 years.

One more proof that the tech world is often a continuous reinvention with a lot of hype.

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